It's pretty cool they had an actual SDCI student in this and the spot "Ducks L'Orange," but then again, you'd have to be at least a student to be able to do this. Mmmm Napoleons.

gency & Production Company: MUH·TAY·ZIK | HOF·FER Executive Creative Director: John Matejczyk Creative Director/Director: Diko Daghlian Executive Producer: Michelle Spear Senior Copywriter: Josh Bogdan Art Director: John Soto Producer: Michelle Spear, Kelli Bratvold Account Supervisor: Carolina Cruz-Letelier Director of Photography: Eric Noren Art Director: Art Wilinski Prop Stylist: Jonathan Nicholson Food Stylist: Katie Christ Editorial: BARBARY POST Executive Producer: Kristin Jenkins Editor: Matt O’Donnell Assistant Editor: Nick Haynes Colorist: Steve McEuen Smoke Artist: Greg Gilmore Audio: ONE UNION Senior Engineer: Eben Carr [ISDN patch via POP Studios, Santa Monica] ON CAMERA PRINCIPAL: NAPOLEON: Sterling King [SDCI student] VOICE ACTOR: NAPOLEON: Jeremy Wirth
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