In a nice bit of storytelling, we watch how a highschool flirt develops over anonymous messages exchanged by scribbling on desks in the school library. A young boy scribbles "I AM BORED," and soon gets the dry humor response "Hi Bored nice to meet you." This turns into a little flirt. I knew that there was something else to watch out for in this ad, so I spotted mister bright white headphones at once. Still, it's difficult to see him in the background of this cute little love story and that's why the unexpected ending works so well. It's not a new idea, but it's very well executed, and you get to watch the whole film again pointing out all the things you missed. The music in this part changes and now sounds creepy, rather then the cute love song it was before.

Of course the message is that you should be shocked at the ending, which you probably are as most viewers will be blinded by the love story, but there were signs all along. The Sandy Hook Promise, a nonpartisan nonprofit led by family members whose loved ones were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School four years ago this month, are the senders of this ad created by BBDO New York. The point is that there are signs all along before a teenager does something drastic like kill themselves or others. Greg Hahn, chief creative officer of BBDO New York has this to say about the advert:

"Through 'Evan,' we sought to show how different your perspective can be when you're aware of the signs. We've been fortunate to work with the inspiring people at Sandy Hook Promise to help parents, students and teachers better identify these signs."

Client: Sandy Hook Promise Spot: "Evan" Agency: BBDO New York David Lubars, Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide Greg Hahn, Chief Creative Officer, New York Peter Alsante, Creative Director Bryan Stokely, Copywriter Martins Zelcs, Art Director Julian Katz, Group Executive Producer Lindsey Cash, Account Director Sean Stogner, Communications Planning Director Michael Schonfeld, Communications Planning Associate Client: Sandy Hook Promise Nicole Hockley, Founder & Managing Director Tim Makris, Founder & Managing Director Production Company: Smuggler Henry-Alex Rubin, Director Patrick Milling Smith, Partner Brian Carmody, Partner Drew Santarsiero, Executive Producer Andrew Colon, Chief Operating Officer Leah Allina, Producer Ken Seng, Director of Photography Post Production: NO6 Editor: Jason Macdonald Additional Editor: Nick Schneider Executive Producer: Corina Dennison Post Producer: Malia Rose Flame Artist: Ed Skupeen Flame Assist: Mark Reyes Colorist: Stuart Wheeler Audio Post: Heard City Mixer: Stefano Campello Mixer: Evan Mangiamele Audio Executive Producer: Sasha Awn