Satinelle Ice Epilator - Karis - (2008) :60 (UK)


Satinelle Ice Epilator - Karis - (2008) :60 (UK)

Ad Agency: DDB London

Sorry guys, I know we shouldn«t be mocking y'all but since I can pop out a nine pound baby without pain relief and I've seen grow men cry over simple eyebrow plucking, the strategy in this ad - using a transvestite to highlight the "pain free" with this epilator - just tickles me pink. Also, Karis is hawt.

Client: Phillips
Neil Dawson, Creative Director
Michael Kaplan, Art Director
Tim Charlesworth, Copywriter
Richard Chambers, Agency Producer
Director : Frederik Bond
Prod. Co. : Sonny London



Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman!

Ha! I didn't even reflect on that but of course it's Secret with a twist. :))

This is fantastic!

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