Cedars are the most important emblem of Lebanon. They are also, like most natural resources, being threatened by human misuse. The Lebanese Ministry of Environment, in co-operation with the Ministry of Education go behind this effort to create awareness about the issue, and help with cedar conservation efforts in Lebanon. Turns out each Cedar tree species creates its own rhythm. Using sensitive biometric engineering equipment, they extracted the rhythms and created the first song from cedar trees. it's called "3,000 years," reflecting 3,000 years of cedar history. The rhythm was handed over to popular, Beirut-based DJ ESC (Ribal Rayess) who, in collaboration with Jad Jazzy Jay (Jade Hazim), used the raw sounds to compose a House track.

If you download the track here, for only three U.S. bucks, you'll be helping out the cause. Nice idea.

Agency: Y&R Dubai Chief Creative Officer: Shahir Zag Creative Director: Ryan Reed Copywriters: Conor Barry, Jed Dawson Art Directors: Ryan Reed, Dane Ogilvie Designer: Mohamed Kotait Music: VL Records Producer/Composer: Ribal Rayess Composer/Sound engineer: Jade Hazim Singer: Marlene Jaber Bioacoustic Engineer: Derek Shirley