This was produced in around 4 weeks including all the character and environment design. The commercial was made for a cinema release in S-3D, one of the first in Australia. We also have a stereo anaglyph version which you'll need so old school red/cyan glasses. You can check this here if you are equipped.

3D anaglyph version

Quote from the agency:
"The team at Resin always exceed our expectations and with the new Savings & Loans ad they outdid themselves. The result and 3D effect is quite simply brilliant. On seeing it for the first time in 3D it's hard to wipe the smile off your face. I think Resin has demonstrated that 3D isn't just a gimmick, it has huge potential for advertisers and agencies alike. "

James Rickard
Creative Director, kwp!

Agency : kwp! Advertising
Agency Creatives : James Rickard, Dale McGuinness, Dave Ormston
Agency Producer : Di Willson

Production Company : Resin
Director : Resin
Animation : Resin
Post : Resin
Sound : Best FX


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