Science World - Pain Killer - (2013) :30 (Canada)


Science World - Pain Killer - (2013) :30 (Canada)

Did you know that orgasm cure pain? I did, it's the reason I have a wry smile when I tell him I have a headache and nod to the bedroom. Not the most unknown of facts, it's why that time of the month is helped by a lot of fun before that time of the month, you catch my drift.... So yes, Science World is still running the campaign where they educate us in a funny way.

This little 30 har-har skit comes from Dominic Prevost and Justin Li out of Rethink Vancouver. They explain why they hired Adam & dave to shoot it:

“Adam & Dave had a great vision and we relied on their comedic instincts to help push the performances. Anytime there's a chance to trust a couple of strangers with sailor tattoos and beards, we're pretty much game."

You hear that, directors? Grow beards. It's the thing now. Later today I'm going to hire my lawyer based on his neon-sided Ray-Bans.


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