Science World - The Photobooth of Doom - (2009) 1:30 (Canada)


Science World - The Photobooth of Doom - (2009) 1:30 (Canada)

Did you know that just seeing a frightened person is enough to scare us? This little fact was expertly used by Rethink vancouver to promote Science Worlds recent exhibit "Scream! The Science of Fear.". A regular looking photo booth was placed on the high street, and once it lured unsuspecting people in, it flashed the image of a scared woman instead of taking their picture. When you exited the photo booth, you got a free pass to the exhibit and their photos with the text printed on the sheet: "A photo of a scared person is enough to spread fear. We can explain."
"Thankfully, no heart attacks were reported."

Client: Science World
Agency : Rethink, Vancouver

Cameron Walker (Account manager)
Rob Tarry/Ian Grais/Chris Staples (Creative Director)
Chad Kabigting (Art Director)
Rob Tarry (Copywriter)
Jim Leith (Agency Producer)



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Photo booths have always been

Photo booths have always been the center of attraction for more than a few decades.Irrespective of the modifications brought about to photo booths,the craze still remains.The main psychological aspect that leads to such popularity over decade is the human tendency to be a part of a group and have his signature stamp in it;well in this case a photograph.

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