Orb remixed the sounds of a VW back in 2008. Nike mixed music from sports sounds in 2005. Nissan Altima sampled the car and made music in 2002. And there was Addictive TV's "take the lead" remix. In short it was a big ad-trend before Pogo's Upular took the world by storm and inspired a new generation of video sampling music creators.

So, to celebrate Scions 10th anniversary, they hired Jeesh to create this "Celebration Anthem" and nine other exclusive tracks that you can download at http://www.scion.com/scion10music as if you ever would. Using the sounds of all five of the scion models & then editing the video together just like the Nissan Altima, the uPular and the VW....

Oh I get it, you're celebrating the tenth by reviving a ten year old idea. An idea so popular it was done (as a joke) to hardcore cleaning Cillit Bang too. Clever. Very.

I'm having an issue with the smiling happy people with open mouths so obviously making a sound that is not heard. Seems to be breaking the video-music-sampling rules somewhat.

Music and Video Editing by Jeesh @ The Breeze Studios Music Supervision by Woofer Music & Sound