I can«t put my finger on it, but this reminds me so much about that gang-meeting in the start of "The Warriors".

"Our objective with this campaign is to celebrate the strong community of owners who have embraced the Scion brand," said ATTIK co-founder and creative director Simon Needham. "The diversity of Scions we had at the shoot was incredible, allowing us to create a phenomenal brand spot and many other campaign elements using owners' Scions. It was an amazing experience."

Client: Scion
Campaign: United By Individuality
co-directed by Needham and Rob DuPear
ATTIK Creative Director: Simon Needham
ATTIK Associate Creative Directors: Ron Lim and Stan Zienka
ATTIK Head of Production: Michele Morris
Event Production: Beyond Marketing
Web Development and Support: DHAP Digital
Entertainment: malbon Brothers Farms
Media: Zenith Media
Commercial Production Company: Blueyed Pictures
Photographer: Jeff Li

Music/Sound Design company: Face The Music (www.facethemusic.com)
City/State: Bicoastal USA
Executive Producer: Adam Joseph
Composers: John Sponsler, Tom Gire and Tony Shimkin
Sound Designer: Tony Shimkin
Final Mixers: Tony Shimkin and Michael Schmidt


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