Children breathe faster than adults, and second hand smoke can hang around the house for five hours after you've put out that cigarette. This means they're breathing it in, and a lot of it. So if you care about your kids, don't smoke in the house. Take it outside.

This campaign from the Scottish Government urges parents to smoke outdoors instead of in the home. Their website Right Outside tells you exactly why.

Here's an idea. Why not quit instead?

This is the first Government ad I've seen in a long time that does not ask you to quit smoking. It's hard not to see this as the government enabling your continued bad behavior with only a slight modification. But the reality is people who smoke around their kids to begin with (let alone smoke while they're pregnant) probably aren't ready for the "quit smoking" message. It's a tough one either way. But hell, if you can't use your own kid as a motivator to quit, what will help?

(Yes I did write this for you, current art director.)

Is it just me or does the VO in this ad sound like the person knows his way around a Lucky unfiltered?

Client: Scottish Government Advertising Agency: STORY UK Creative Director: GUY VICKERSTAFF Art Director: GUY VICKERSTAFF Copywriter: AILSA VEITCH Illustrator: Photographer: Additional credits: DIRECTOR: MARTIN WEDDERBURN PRODUCTION COMPANY: MTP Published: Month, Year MARCH 2014

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