Scream TV - Comfeze diapers - (2008) :30 (Canada)


Scream TV - Comfeze diapers - (2008) :30 (Canada)

How to you sell a scary TV channel? Do a diaper ad, but with adults of course!
Radke Film Group Director Craig Brownrigg said "The key was making this spot as authentic to kids diaper commercials as possible and then just put in old guys where the babies were." Ah, that simple huh?

Agency: Zig, Toronto
Martin Beauvais (Creative Director)
Stephen Leps (Creative Director)
Aaron Starkman (Creative Director)
Stephen Leps (Art Director)
Aaron Starkman (Copywriter)
Sharon Nelson (Agency Producer)
Scott Mackenzie (Executive Producer)
Ken Eggett (Producer)
Director: Craig Brownrigg
DoP: Glen Keenan
Prod. Co. : Radke Film Group, Toronto
Editor and Company: John Evans, Panic & Bob, Toronto
Online: Panic & Bob, Toronto
Music and Sound Design: Ted Rosnick, Rosnick McKinnon Webster, Toronto



Feels like an ad for fetishists.

Well, if the furries can have Orangina, I suppose the baby-fetishists can have this one!

Check out eBay for "adult baby" ... if you dare.

Only slightly disturbing.

HA HA HA, well done.

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