"Starring Robinson Cano!" says the Don Pardo-like Saturday Night Live voice over. This spot parodies the show down tot he over-the-top graphics and canned applause and cheeseball saxophone. But what's great about it is how it elevates the Mariners as being true stars. The fact that Robinso Cano is a seven-time all star, five time silber slugger and gold gold glove second basemen means there is serious star power on the field. And that's just one guy.

Agency: Copacino+Fujikado ECD: Jim Copacino CD: Mike Hayward ACD: Andrew Gall AD: Andy Westbrock Producer: Kris Dangla Account Dir.: Chris Copacino Account Exec: Melody Kromer Production Co:: Blue Goose Director: Ron Gross Exec Producer: Bill Hoare Editorial House: Dubs, Inc. Editor: Troy Murison Audio House Clatter & Din Engineer: Sam Gray Online/Color: Workbench Kevin Adams

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  • Jim Clark's picture
    Jim Clark (not verified)

    Who is impersonating the late, GREAT Don Pardon?

    Jun 28, 2017

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