Semir - "IEverything Tee" 2011, Draftfcb China


Semir - "IEverything Tee" 2011, Draftfcb China

A viral campaign created by Draftfcb for Chinese fashion brand Semir has rocketed to prominence among Chinese teenagers with 2.5 million video downloads since launching on March 25. The campaign, currently moving into other major media platforms, is focused on Semir’s sub-brand called “Tee” with the overall theme of the campaign being, “Everything can be Tee.”

Draftfcb launched the campaign with six high-energy videos shot in Los Angeles that demonstrate speed, agility, collaboration and achievements in creating something highly personalised.

The campaign which broke on Tudou – the powerful China equivalent to YouTube - encourages people to think creatively and express their attitude by uploading their own pictures and videos to the campaign website, as well as participating in the customization of Tee designs.

Project ‘Everything can be Tee’
Client Semir
Creative agency Draftfcb China
Media agency Carat
Digital head Dick Chan
Creative team Laurent Jiang, Jay Jiang, Silver Zhang Onn Siow, Jie Jie Huang
Account team Xin Wang, Rachel Tao, Lisa Zhao, Crytsal Tang, Tracy Jin, Candy Yin
Exec. Creative Director Eddie Wong
Director Alpha Chang
Production house Wise Spider Shanghai
Producer Robin Chen

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