On Day Two of Samsung's Seven Days of Unboxing, they let a llama into the box to look at the new Galaxy.

But wait, there's more.

And then let the llama paint what he saw.

This whole week thing has some seriously dark undertones to it that makes me ask a lot of questions. In this day and age, how surprising can a new mobile phone be? If the phone doesn't live up to the campaign's lofty expectations, what then? Why are llamas living in some post apocalyptic world where they are forced to paint objects? Why are llamas being so oppressed? What does the container where the phone is held represent? Is that container us? I hope these questions will be answered later in the week!

Client: Samsung Nordic Agency: DDB Stockholm Art Director: Joel Ekstrand Copywriter: Nick Christiansen Agency Producer: Mattias Coldén Account Manager: Susanne Ytterlid Account Director: Christian Westelindh Digital Director: Andreas Fabbe Planner: Patrick Wilkorsz Business Director: Jacob Sandström Production Company: Acne Director: Anders Jedenfors