When a child goes missing in a public place like a mall, there's always an announcement from the employee telling the parent their kid is lost. I just witnessed this in Target the other day.
ACW Grey just made use of this behavior to create awareness about the Shanti House, which provides a home for children who have been abandoned by their families. In this stunt, the employees called out true stories about kids who were abandoned by their parents for days, weeks, months and in some cases years, trying to grab the parents' attention.There are 14,000 kids who have been abandoned in Israel. Shanti House aims to help them. Powerful stunt.

Client: Shanti House Agency: ACW Grey

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    What kind of parent abandons their child? That's heartbreaking. What an effective way to reach people, I know I pay attention to those announcements. I like advertising ideas that sort "hack" the norm, when put to good use. (I do not like ad creep).

    Jan 05, 2016

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