MEANWHILE IN ISRAEL.. a country that is feeling the same crunch that the rest of the world is, some crafty ad people decided to sell their media (radio) via ... business cards. Wait, this is pretty thanks to (gasp!) QR code. A website was created where people could put their info in, and their erecived pretty blue cards with on QR code on them, but listen to the code and it's basically a radio ad for you. The second example in the clip reminds me a little of the Canon shutter dance 2008 which won Grand Prix in Cannes. Radio can be very clever way to advertise.

Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel Agency CEO: Yossi Lubaton Deputy Agency ECD: Yoram Levi Chief Creative Officer: Nadav Pressman Creative Director: Tomer Gidron Copywriter: Liron Cohen / Tal Tirangel Art Director: Nathan Freifeld Account CEO: Nir Federbush Account supervisor: Yogev Weiss / Nataly Ziv Account executive: Michal Yavin Planning: Shai Nisenbaum Photographer: Yoram Ashahim Digital Project Manager: Gitit Sasson Traffic: Danit Atia-Moshe Designers: Udi Dunayer / Helena Roizin Programmer: Leonid Angarov