To stop reckless drivers in the Ukraine, a special device was built that would release a "human shaped balloon" at a pedestrian crossing, so the driver would have no choice but to show down. (in quite a panicked reaction, I might add).

Scary. I know I would freak the hell out of I saw this on a dark road. The device is also pretty clever in how it'll only release a ghost if the driver is speeding quite a bit, not when the drivers are sticking to the limit. I wonder if any of these ghosts caused an accident due to swerving-to-avoid-collision reactions?

Either way, impressive.

Client : Shell Agency : JWT Director : Olga Lanovyk Director : Stas Bespolit Creative Director : Vladislava Denis Art Director : Denys Savchenko Copywriter : Anna Geraskina Producer : Natalya Pavlova Producer : Alexander Cherniavsky Planner : Pavel Kovalenko

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