Over the past eight weeks, a multifaceted integrated campaign for Shell from JWT London named "Get the most out of every drop," has launched within many countries in Europe and Asia, aimed at demonstrating the benefits of Shell's new Fuel Save products. Key to campaign efforts within each country are a set of artistic, regionally customized broadcast spots created by Stardust's New York studio in concert with JWT London's creative team.

"With the benefit of hindsight I don't believe we could have selected a better production company with which to realise our vision of Shells 'make the most of every drop' campaign," says Jaspar Shelbourne, JWT London's global creative director.
"Stardust are a hugely professional outfit who can draw on an amazing breadth of in house talent. I enjoyed every minute of collaborating with them and look forward to working with them again."

To date, Stardust has delivered five "Fuel Economy" and six "Performance" versions of each commercial, all of which were directed by Stardust's New York-based creative director Alan Bibby, who provides extensive details on his colleagues' craftsmanship in bringing the campaign's broadcast elements to life in our story below.

Project Name: Shell "Performance: V Power" Debut Date: June 26, 2009 Length: :30 Ad Agency: JWT London City/State/Country: London, England, UK Group Creative Director: Jaspar Shelbourne Art Directors: Andy Huntindon, Martin Smith Head of Production: Dean Baker Assistant Producer: Jack Bayley Production Company: Stardust Studios City/State/Country: Bicoastal, USA Director/Creative Director: Alan Bibby Live Action Producer: Rich Kaylor Director of Photography: Brian Newman Executive Producer: Mike Eastwood Head of Production: Beth Vogt Senior Producer: Greg Heffron Assistant Producer: Ryan McRee Editors: Andrew Borin, Patrick Burns, Jr. Designers: Aaron Mauer, Julene Bello, Oliver Schroeder, Danny Ruiz, Dustin Lindblad, Bryan Louie Storyboard Artist/Illustrator: Glenn Urieta 3D Modeling/Lighting/Animation: Mark Rohrer Tracking: Weichieh Yu 2D Animators/Compositors: Tim Regan, Tonya Smay, Marco Giampaolo, Bashir Hamid, Rick Malwitz Rotoscoping: FX3X - Macedonia Music Company: Warner Chappell City/State/Country: London, UK Composer: Alison Goldfrapp and William Gregory Final Mix Company: Jungle Studios City/State/Country: London, UK Mixer: Owen Griffiths