What a fun yet simple idea. To promote the lovely hot springs of Onsenke Oita, in Oita Prefecture, they got a team of Japanese professional synchronized swimmers to perform in the hot springs - you'll recognize Olympic Gold medalist Raika Fujii among them. Japanese outdoor hot springs are really a fantastic way to relax, natures beautiful pools embedded into lush landscapes. The Hyotan onsen, Japan’s only hot spring with three Michelin stars, is seen in this video. I've been to a few onsen myself, just not these.
We're lulled into the landscape, with some slow scenic images. The swimmers march up (wearing bathing suits, which you as a visitor can not) stretch their toes out, adjust their nose clips and then it all goes a little Japanese Benny Hill on us with legs in the air at high speeds. For each shot it gets a little funnier, but also with each shot we're seeing more of the fascinating hot springs. Quit a clever way to show this off. "Serene" is the furthest thing on my mind right now, but I'm still tempted to visit these springs. The song is "Hana" by Rentaro Taki, who lived in the countryside of Oita.

Music: Rentaro Taki - Hana (Flower) Choreography: air:man

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