Shiseido has a new skin product targeting youth called WASO. If you didn't see their brand film you need to stop what you are doing and look at it now, because it's awesome. Now they are continuing on with the campaign using influencers. In this case, blogger and stylist Jenny Choi who splits her time between Vancouver and Seoul. In this video however, she's in Japan and we watch her apply make up and eat sushi and look around Tokyo. The product shots are there but not gratuitous. Minus the AV magic, it feels like someone's home movie of their vacation shot on super 8. Or at least what someone who never used a Super 8 but only read about it and saw references on YouTube would shoot. Gotta say though the track they chose is pretty great and compliments the woozy washed out feeling.

Client: Shiseido
Agency: W+K Tokyo
Director: Julian Klincewicz