SIFF 2014 "Cinescape" (2014) 1:00 (USA)


SIFF 2014 "Cinescape" (2014) 1:00 (USA)

All of us could use a an escape from reality by getting lost in a movie. All of us could use a Cinescape. I like the quasi-distrubing virtual reality premise of this spot.

Client: Seattle International Film Festival
Director of Marketing & Communications: Jason Dittmer
Campaign Title: Cinescape
Trailer Title: Cinescape
Advertising Agency: WONGDOODY
Senior Account Executive: Anea Klix
Account Director: Garth Knutson
Art Director: Adam Deer
Writer: Peter Trueblood
Senior Designer: Ramon Vasquez
ECD: Tracy Wong
Creative Director: Monkey Watson
Print Producer: Jessica Obrist and Molly Costin
Art Buyer: Jessica Obrist
Broadcast Producer: James Whittington
Project Manager: Barbara Wilson
Retouch Artist: Charlie Rakatansky
Electronic Production: Gail Savage / Kenta Hadley
Production Company: World Famous
Executive Creative Director / Director: Tony Fulgham
Executive Producer: Megan Ball
Producer / Line Producer: Bobby McHugh
Co-Director / Designer: Christopher Harrell
Cinematographer: Ryan McMackin
Editor: Andy Seaver
Score: Madrona Music
Audio: Clatter & Din
Photography Studio: Juco Photo
Photographer: Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud


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