Silesia4 - Commodore is not dead (POLAND)


Silesia4 - Commodore is not dead (POLAND)

Silesia Party is the largest Commodore 64 convention in Eastern Europe. Our job was to promote it among the Commodore fans and beyond.

We wanted to wake up cool old Commodore computers sleeping in the closets.

We created ad that can be understood only when using your old C64. We created a first digital banner broadcasted on the radio.

Creative Director: Ryszard Sroka, Jakub Korolczuk, Rafał Górski
Copywriter: Tytus Klepacz, Adam Marzec
Art Director: Adam Marzec, Tytus Klepacz
C64 Programmer: Rafał 'Raf' Szyja



Wooo! White on blue!

Message converted into C64 Mac&PC emulator file is available on C64 forums. We think it's a nice way to spread viral. And 'Blue is the color...' :]

I still prefer Green on Black. Just old fashion VT-100. Never had one of dem dare c64 'puters.

Someone tweeted a reply to me that it made them nostalgic. So in that sense, it totally works.

This is a very interesting experiment. The thought behind it is a little like those posters that spoke in code to attract coders, and very much a challenge that must be met for a true geek. I like it.

Me too, It works well for the target, I think.

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