SIM's character gets rejected by women, decides to dance with a man instead.

The Sims

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  • junyr's picture

    I told you this was funny. And I forgot to vote for it; I'll just have to fix that. I don't think this one didn't run nearly as much as the first since it dealt with "issues" if I remember correctly.

    Dec 19, 2003
  • NoCloset's picture

    ...which is silly as it didn't offend me at all. It's just plain funny. The way he goes "ah, what the heck" and starts to dance. great!

    Dec 19, 2003
  • junyr's picture

    I was referring to bible belt folks getting upset. When the Sims first started, everyone talked about a "gay patch" or "gay password" so you could gay/bi characters. Its funny because the characters start out being able to do all the actions with both the same and opposite sex (excluding the getting married/move in), but everyone thought you would need to do something special/hack to do it.

    EA played it down, intentionally or not, at least in mid-america.

    Dec 20, 2003

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