Six Scents explores the relationship between artist and nature through a collection of fragrances, stories, films, art and photography. A portion of all proceeds go to Pro-Natura in support of innovation for sustainable development.

Flashback weaves together iconographic images sampled from films to create a kinetic video canvas - visualizing the spectrum of human emotion and recall using the principles of cognitive psychology. Perfumes are formulated from distinct notes, each of which represents a particular thought or feeling. They then combine to form a complex fragrance that can vary from individual to individual. Similar to the varying effects a perfume can have on any particular person, Flashback for Six Scents Series Two explores the way an individual might remember thoughts and feelings associated with the experience of each fragrance.
The film has been shown at exhibitions in New York, Seoul and Tokyo, on the Six Scents site and is included as a DVD in each fragrance box. For the multi-sensory / multi-media experience visit

Advertised brand:Six Scents Parfums Advert title(s): "Flashback" by Marco Brambilla Advertising Agency: metaproject, New York, USA Agency website: Creative Director: Kaya Sorhaindo Story Director / Writer: Aramique Krauthamer Director: Marco Brambilla Post-Production: FinalCut Post-Production ArtJail Sound Design: Q Dept

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