Skittles has always been delightfully surreal. Last year's Super Bowl spot had Aerosmith's Steven Tyler getting a talking portrait of himself made out of Skittles. A talking portrait that keeps on striving higher and higher for the highest notes of Dream On. Until it explodes. See? Out there, unexpected. Nothing familiar about it, really.
This year is a much more familiar premise that veers away from surreal and crashes headlong into Airplane! like silliness, with a dash of double entendre thrown in for good measure.
"Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie," yells a horny teenaged boy. He's throwing Skittles in the open window trying to get the attention of his lady, so desperate he is to get inside her---house. Unfortunately for him, the daughter, and mother, and father and grandma, and a cop, and a burglar, and a groundhog (or is it a beaver, heh heh heh) are all lining up to catch said Skittles in their mouths and make a sexual groaning noise, before they scooch over for the next person to enjoy a taste.
The joke wears thin after about ten seconds, and not even the of the random people/animals sliding up for a taste of that candy can really solve it. Plus everyone knows you throw the candy against a window, not into it. My guess is people will be split down the middle in terms of whether they find it funny or annoying. I'm on Team Annoying. MMMMMMMM.

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