"Now you can trap an enemy and send him back to fight for you" Ho-KAY, look this is what I gather from this ad. Skylander makes plastic widgets that somehow interact with my games console. The kids will be going full über-nag to collect plastic widgets that they will lay out in front of games console so that they can sit in the couch and play games. My den will always look like a toy-warzone if I get this. And for each sold plastic toy, *ka-ching* to Skylanders & Actvision. Smart. Very smart. I hope my kid never sees this ad.

"Inside the Trap" and "Trapping Kaos" have CG sequences helmed by Blur's Oscar-nominated director Jeff Fowler, who says “Working with a tough little veggie warrior and a powerful super-dwarf armed with TraptaniumTM-infused hammers spurred our creative energy to create something like none other. We had a blast bringing a little mayhem to the world of Skylanders where we built a village and staged a cinematic battle scene between Gulper and Food Fight.”

The CG does look excellent, this ad will make kids wide-eyed and turn on the nag (seriously, hide yo kids...) I'm sure.

“The level of visual detail and character development Blur brought to the project was incredible. They took an already rich and fun world of Skylanders and turned up the volume helping us make something truly unique and ground-breaking for the category,” said Tim Wolfe, 72andSunny Creative Director.

Blur CG/Animation Director: Jeff Fowler Creative Director: Tim Miller CG Supervisor: Chris Bedrosian Animation Supervisor: Hubert Daniel FX Supervisor: Brandon Riza Producer: Laura Pepper Executive Producer: Al Shier Layout Supervisor: Aristomenis Tsirbas Layout: Hubert Daniel, Isaac Fernandez Character Modeling Lead: Jesse Sandifer Character Modeling: Hasan Bajramovic, Daniel Garcia, Victor Hugo, Daniel Kho, Clay Osmus, Gun Park, Juan Solis, Tom Tran, David Munoz Velazquez Rigging Supervisor: Jeremie Passerin Rigging Lead: Joshua Cogswell Rigging TD: Tyler Fox Rigging: Ben Durkin, Tyler Fox, Gerry Hsu, Daniel Kole, Travis Miller, Michael Swann Animation: Ben Cinelli, Isaac Fernandez, Yvain Gnabro, Jason Hendrich, Oliver Parcasio Hair and Cloth: Justin Callanan, Adam Dorner, Jon Jordan, Mark Lipsmeyer, Luis Lopez, James Marcus, Lennon Montejo, Yury Sakovich, Danny Young Environment Modeling: Simon Blanc, Eric Durante, Jinho Jang, Ramon Lopez Lighting and Compositing Lead: Simon Blanc Lighting and Compositing: Eric Durante, Jason Madsen FX: Joe Coleman, Sasmit Ranadive, John Schratz Technical and QC: Joshua Cogswell, Tyler Fox, Jon Jordan, Luis Lopez, Jeremie Passerin, Danny Young Concept Design: Sean McNally, Joshua Shaw, Kyle Shockley, Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Tom Zhao Production Coordinator: Chris Youngless Production Assistant: Amanda Powell Pipeline Supervisor: Jeffrey Beeland Pipeline: Brendan Abel, Mike Hendricks, Stephen Lu Programming and Systems Administration: Duane Powell, Jeremy Donahue, Paul Huang, Matt Newell, Perry Randall 72andSunny Partner, Chief Creative Officer: Glenn Cole Executive Creative Director: Frank Hahn Creative Director/Writer: Tim Wolfe Creative Director/Designer: Peter Vattanatham Creative Director: Michael Bryce Senior Designer: Travis Swingler Junior Writer: Taylor Black Junior Designer: MyTran Dang Director of Film Production: Sam Baerwald Executive Producer: Dan Ruth Film Producer: Kara Fromhart Group Director Business Affairs: Amy Jacobsen Business Affairs Manager: Kelly Ventrelli Business Affairs Coordinator: Amy Shah Group Brand Director: Mike Parseghian Senior Brand Manager: Torie Gleicher Brand Manager: Tashi Oszvald Brand Coordinator: Erica Goitia Group Strategy Director: Bryan Smith Strategy Director: John Graham Senior Strategist: Daniel Teng 72 Studio Chief Production Officer: Tom Dunlap Director: Benjamin Davis Content Producer: Jonny Edwards Line Producer: Dina Oberley Editor: Jason Lewis Editor: Billy Sacdalan Post Producer: Benjamin Bragg