Did you ever want to have a babelfish in your ear so that you could spake to anyone, anywhere? Skype has added a bit of magic to their app, it's still in Beta but very promising, i It's the Skype translator program. Skype may soon be able to claim the holy grail of language translation: Real time Mandarin conversation translation. Bit like Hitch Hikers guide, but without the Vogon poetry.

Shot in Shanghai and in the Yangshoa Hills, the film follows photo journalist Tom Carter getting closer to the local action and unlocking the magic of real time spoken word conversation with his friend - despite his own limited mandarin skills. Impressive.

Skype Creative Director - Jesse Boyce Production Agency - Longform Director - Yannakis Jones at Longform Executive producer - Hannah Cooper Editor - Dan Lumb at th2ng Colourist - Duncan Russell at Glassworks Post Production - th2ng Music composed by - Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch Mixed by - Farrell Lennon at Audio Monkey