Sexist meets gross meets stupid. Congrats, Slim Jim. You have reached a whole new level of dumb.

Client: Slim Jim (ConAgra Foods) SVP – Content Creation, ConAgra Foods: Dave Linne Director – Content Creation, ConAgra Foods: Patrick Brennan Agency: DDB California GCD: Travis Parr Art Director: Madeline DeWree Copywriter: Tyler Booker Senior Producer: Rob Lee Production Company: MJZ/Soft Citizen Director: The Pelorian Brothers Producer: Merrie Wasson Editorial: Cutters Editor: Matt Walsh VFX/Online: Flavor Planning Director: Mark Rovai Senior Strategist: Jaime Harrelson SVP Group Account Director: Kristin Barbour Account Director: Nancy Bernacchi Account Supervisor: Jordan Wood Account Coordinator: Rose Valderrama

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    Interred Ferguson (not verified)

    These idiots are only hurting themselves by not only trying to bad mouth the 'squatch, but also by making such a gross commercial. Jack Links has them whipped for the foreseeable future.

    Aug 17, 2014

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