Please don't watch this video more than once, or you will want to gouge your eyes out. Because despite the stupid hipsterish loud VO screeching, this is nothing more than a comparison ad for gas station beef jerky.

Let me tell you something about gas station beef jerky.

If you are the type to enjoy gas station beef jerky, you aren't the discerning type. If, say, you walk into a Pilot Gas Station/Truck Stop off of highway 75, just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and you have aching kidneys from working the long shift to get the goods from one Costco depot to another, and you pop in make a number two and once finished, you peruse the snack counter and see Slim Jim and Some Other Kind Of Beef Jerky™, you are going to grab the one that is closest to your mitt. Because it's all garbage and you don't care. If anything, the possum is a better sign of approval. Lord knows you've seen enough of them belly up on Highway 75 in your time, and sometimes you think those back country folks wouldn't be eatin' 'em if they didn't taste good.

Think it though next time, Slim Jim.

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