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    I guess we'll see what role it plays (if any) in the upcoming movie, Cloverfield. The spot has been sporadically running off-hours on select cable nets as an actual commercial. And yes, it has its own website with a .jp domain even.

    Thanks to Abrams, Slusho is poised to become the next Smeat - the infamously fictitious recurring product seemingly found only in television shows and movies.

    And rumour has it that Slusho is going to be made into a real product, kind of like Idiocracy's Brawndo.

    I guess we'll see, eh?

    Jan 06, 2008
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    I love that you have the ad here. I've read rumors about it on some movie boards but people weren't sure they really had seen it since it seems to run in the middle of the night mostly.  

    Jan 06, 2008
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    Slusho.org is owned by some random guy who had it as their user name. Now they'll transfer the domain if they get to see the film early, they say.Io sono un clown e faccio collezione di attimi - H.Böll

    Jan 07, 2008

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