Smart now equipped with Urban Stealth Technology


Smart now equipped with Urban Stealth Technology

We love this, finally pushing us over the edge to get a Smart car. See, I always liked that it was easy to park, but I had no idea it could be this easy to park.

Created by Elias Kouloures, a hard working junior adgrunt in Germany we're pleased to present the Smart car equipped with Urban stealth - dum dum DUM!

Creator: Elias Kouloures

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Ok, so it might be better with a snappier edit, but don't you think someone somewhere will start to sell those candy-covers like tomorrow?

I like the guy at the end who tries to put his money in

I was just waiting for that punchline. And I STILL laughed like hell when it came.

HA ha ha ha ha!

Too bad that idea won't work so well with our Renault Grand Scenic. Maybe it could be a bank of vending machines...?

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