Russians like their SUV's. Russians like to park wherever they damn well please. Knowing this, Smart Car had a great idea. Wait until their cars were towed, give them an unexpected test drive, and try to win them over.

If they're lucky, soon the streets will be littered with quadruple parked Smart cars.

Client: Mercedes Smart Agency BBDO Moscow Chief Creative Officer: Igor Lutz Creative Director: Mihai Coliban Deputy Creative Director: Sergey Kozhevnikov Senior Art Director: Darya Agapova Senior Producer BBDO: Valery Gorokhov Producer Assistant BBDO: Natalya Abzalova Animation: Kirill Kulygin Producer Park Production: Irina Lanskaya Director Park Production: Ivan Oganesov DOP Park Production: Georgy Leonov Managing Director Pelican Event: Elena Novikova Account Manager Pelican Event: Maria Stepkova Client Service Director: Christina Tancher Group Account Director: Anna Sokolova Account Manager: Yana Bader

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