DJ Jeffrey Jewell is an albino. Which makes life challenging sometimes, as in some cultures, being an Albino can cause trouble. But the DJ is not only blessed with the gift of the beat, but an an open heart, too. Nice branded content for Smirnoff whose "we're open," tagline is all about inclusiveness. And why wouldn't it be? They don't care who gets drunk on their hooch provided you buy it.

Client: Smirnoff Agency: 72andsunny Amsterdam

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    I made and deleted a comment on the :30 edit of this saying it had me a little uncomfortable because the persecution of people with albinism is a real and terrifying thing in large areas of sub saharan and east Africa, and I wouldn't tell where this was filmed. So here I watch the long edit and that's actually part of the story! Removing the "music has no colour" thought away from race and instead showing albinos who are persecuted, is not a bad idea. Jewell Jeffrey is a Parisian DJ/Model/actor, which is why I reacted to him being somewhere in Africa in the first place.

    Feb 25, 2017

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