There are only 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the world. To create awareness about this issue DDB worked with Portugal, The Man to create a song called Sumatran Tiger.
The song was lathe-cut onto 400 custom poly-carbonate records designed to degrade after a certain amount of plays. Leanr more about the project here.

Supposedly there are no other copies of the song. Unless you use the #EndangeredSong where you'll find it hidden on sites like SoundCloud, Reddit, Myspace, etc. then the song will go extinct.

Nice, insightful idea. Although with music piracy such as it is, and with the half a second it took me to find Portugal, The Man's complete discography on a pirate site just now, it may not be the best metaphor.

Client: Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute Associate Director of Communications: Pamela Baker- Masson Communications Manager: Annalisa Meyer Advertising Agency: DDB New York CCO: Matt Eastwood AD: Michael Kushner CW: Daniel Paredes GCD: Andrew McKechnie ECD: Menno Kluin CD: Julie Beasley CD: Mariana Costa Producer: Nina Horowitz Head of Production: Ed Zazzera In-house Editor: Kyle McMorrow Account Director: Marina Zuber Account Supervisor: Angelina Singleton Account Executive: Dan Colman Technical Director: Jamie Templeton Digital Designer: Megan Sheehan Digital Producer: Meredith Moffat Community Manager: Gurbani Chadha Senior Content Strategist: Ryan Fenn Editorial house: Fluid Editor: John Piccolo Additional Editing: Rhys Hecox, Christian Oreste Executive Producer: Laura Relovsky Audio Mixing: Mr. Bronx Audio, David Wolfe Color- Nice Shoes: Lez Rudge Online- Fluid NY Production Company: Kamp Grizzly Director, DP: Dan Portrait Producer: Jeff Harding Videographer: Paul Willetts Lathe Production House: Peter King Music Production House: Squeak E. Clean Band: Portugal. The Man Band Members: John Gourley, Zach Carothers, Kyle O’Quin, Jason Sechrist Add’l musicians: Ryan Neighbors Produced by John Hill and John Gourley Mixed by Andy Wallace Management, The Artists Organization: Rich Holtzman Record Company: Atlantic Music, Inc.

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