When I was a kid Smokey The Bear (it was Smokey The Bear, before he dropped his middle name) was an animated character who used drama to warn us that only we have the power to save his beloved forest. He was like some mystical bad ass creature who pretty much laid down the law. And I have no doubt even if you did follow the forest fire prevention rules he might just have decided to eat you on the spot anyway. Because he was a bear.

And now?

Now, Smokey Bear seems like he's gone to sensitivity training school. Instead of stern fire and brimstone warnings, he spends his days handing out hugs to hipsters who look like the closest thing they ever gotten to camping is when they browse Huckberry's website on their iPads.

Margot: Oh, Brooklyn...look at that. It's a stove and it charges your iPhone, too. We should get one of those.

Brooklyn: Yeah. Hey have you seen the new special edition Vans on HighSnobiety?


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