Post-notes from Asylum:

While the foreground objects and talent were wrapped in real plastic, we enhanced the mid and background bubble world by wrapping buildings, traffic lights, streets and sidewalks in bubble wrap through a series of matte paintings and composites of photographic plates.

Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners Prod Company: Anonymous Content Post/VFX: Asylum Client: Snapple Spot Title: Bubble Wrap World Air Date: March 2008 Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners CCD: Cliff Freeman ECD(s): Arthur Biijur, Tom Christmann CD: Lee Seidenberg AD: Kristen Koop Copywriter: Jeff St. Jean Head of Production: Carin Zakes Producer: Josh Morse Prod Company: Anonymous Content Director: Daniel Benmayor EP: Cassie Hulen EP/Head Of Commercials: Dave Morrison Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair Producer: Richard Bermani Post/VFX: Asylum Visual Effects Supervisor: Paul O«shea Executive Producer: Michael Pardee Bidding Producer: Michael Hanley Producer: Darcie Muangman On-Set VFX Producer: Jeff Werner Production Coordinator: Diana Cheng Inferno Artist(s)/Compositing: Paul O«shea, Justin Blaustein, Joey Brattesani Matte Painter(s)/ Texture: Tim Clark, Shannon Burkley, Dark Hoffman Editorial: Cosmo Street Editor: Tom Sherma Producer: Karen Hennegan

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    *crunch-pop-crunch-pop-pop-pop-snap-pop* Oh god the sound-track is torture for us bubble-wrap addicts. I'll be dreaming about this now.

    Mar 16, 2008

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