SNDWRX has a brand new interactive website filled with easter eggs like yodeling, falsetto and a barbershop quarter. But you can also create your own musical compositions. or play a sound-based trivia game. Pretty cool. The launch also coincides with the opening of SNDWRX’s brand new studios in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

Pretty cool. Wish I'd been in Toronto to check it out.

Concept, Direction & Voice: Didier Tovel DOP: Andre Arevalo - Editor: Michael Ofori-Attah - - Music: "Ouverture" by DD Sound Design: Didier Tovel, Slater Groves, Caleb Danziel, DJ Yobi, Kenneth Lo- Coding: Hyp Software and Bia Costa SNDWRX.COM PRODUCTION CREDITS: Concept and direction Didier Tovel, SNDWRX Illustration: DXTR, Germany Development: HYP Software solutions, Portugal Sound Designers: Didier Tovel Slater Groves DJ Yobi Caleb Dalziel Ken Lo Illustration: DXTR Colour & VFX: Daniel J. Kelly -