Snooze Radio - Piero Mattresses - (2014) 2:00 (Argentina)


Snooze Radio - Piero Mattresses - (2014) 2:00 (Argentina)

FCB Buenos Aires and mattress brand Piero found an interesting way to sell mattresses. They knew that road accidents hppen due to lack of sleep. They found out that most accident involve professional drivers working in the wee hours, truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers. They also found that these drivers listen to the radio all night.

And so they created Snooze Radio. An ad that sounded lie an alarm clock, that ran every 9 minutes, just like a regular snooze button. Placed on the country's most popular radio stations the snooze ad stunt reached more than 480,000 drivers per night.

Ad agency: FCB Buenos Aires


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