So where the ¡#§‰*#¿ bloody hell are you!?


So where the ¡#§‰*#¿ bloody hell are you!?

Downwindmedia thought their office was getting a little stuffy so they went out to beat the boredom by making a spoof ad of the by now word infamous "Where The Bloody Hell Are You" campaign! Read more to see it.




Oh Baby! I love this! Much better than the original. You've made my day. I'm spreading it - starting with and my own blog

Malkie - an Aussie in Paris.

Malkie mate, what does that first guy say - I think you need Aussie ears to hear it. "We packed you a .... " coin? pint? *cleans ears out*

we packed you a kind??? shot after is someone blowing smoke? I dunno. *scratches head*

SPOT ON! That's nice production values for some people who just "bored at the office".

Daniel Ilic just told me that the first line is: "We packed you a cone..."
*orders tickets to Oz, pronto*

Dabitch....(still hate calling you that) I think you'll find they're saying "we packed you a cone" - the bowl to hold the dope in a "bong" (he's holding what we call an "Orchy bottle" in his hand - a homemade bong from a plastic Orange juice bottle. The kids talk about "pulling a few cones"..."had a few cones for breakfast"..."pulled a cone and went surfing".

I'm so inspired with this I'm talking to these guys about some stuff I wanna do - a beer Ad spoof and another. Could be the start of a whole new wave of Aussie Viral. "Bewdy mate - wanna pull a cone?"

packed you a cone. I don't know why I couldn't hear that before, I must've been stoned.

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