Sobe - Naked Tease - Call from parents - (2008) 3:15 (USA)


Sobe - Naked Tease - Call from parents - (2008) 3:15 (USA)

Stop motion by mekanism - a stop-motion animation teaser short for an upcoming superbowl commercial.



Is that the SoBe logo at the end there? heh.

SSSSsshhhhHHH! secret!l

I hate teasers, but I like this animation.

Not so secret if they stuck their logo on it. :P

This teaser was a lot better than the commercial it teased for. IMHO, YMMV.

Definitely agree James. Heck, they should have just shown this instead.

Good voice, who's the talent?

But, lame.... sounds like Seinfeld &his parents

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