Sobe - Thrillicious / Naomi Cambell - (2008) :60 (USA)


Sobe - Thrillicious / Naomi Cambell - (2008) :60 (USA)

Aired in the 2nd quarter

The Arnell Group



Congratulations, Sobe and the Arnell Group: in 60 excruciating seconds, you've managed to assemble Tyra Banks, lizards, and the thriller dance - 3 things society couldn't be more tired of.

That's Naomi, not Tyra. Still adding her was silly as the Lizards carried the spot on their own, as well as animated Lizards could. The joke where one farts was a bit dumb though.

So after drinking this you become a zombie.
(Well, after watching it, I know I did. Boring!)

Could do with a lot less Naomi. She can't dance.

She's got a great arm though. She can wing a cell phone like no one else!

These freaked me out a little. They're just kinda gross.

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