Here's the TV commercial for the Social Democrats in Sweden's election 2010. It depicts the business hubub of swapping cards and having meetings, the action in an operating room, the firemen off to quell a fire ... and in each scene a bored looking teenager still in their jammies shuffling along with the group. "207000 young people want to join in" the super reads "We can't wait. Social Democrats"

There's a lot of unemployment for young people in Sweden, so this ad flirts directly with them (and possibly their parents who want them out of the house already).

Ad agency: Acne

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  • HowieSPM's picture

    Are they favored to win? How much TV advertising is done during elections? In the US they aren't very creative. Its more just attack ads. Waste of good money on bad people.

    Aug 27, 2010
  • Dabitch's picture

    That depends on who you ask. :) No, not really. They are the largest party and always have been, but it looks like this election has an advantage for the opposition-coalition, a combination of Moderaterna, Folkpartiet, Centern and Christian Democrats (usually represented with blue) while these guys make a "red" coalition with Miljöpartiet (Green party) and Vänsterpartiet (formely known as Vänsterpartiet kommunisterna). The blue is currently larger than the red in most reports.

    We also have the "other" parties, Sverige Demokraterna (their ad shown previously here), Fi! (Feminist Initiativ), The Pirate Party (strong connection to the pirate bay), and a bunch of smaller ones who are getting no press at all and aren't likely to pass the 4% barrier for seats in the government.

    In conclusion, we have lots of parties, but only two choices, really. ;p

    Aug 28, 2010

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