Solo - Café Flirt - (1995) 0:40 (Norway)


Solo - Café Flirt - (1995) 0:40 (Norway)

That handsome man making eyes at you isn't really making eyes at you.




I like Solo's most recent campaign much better, and I've been waiting with bated breath for your guys to post it here! Then I can stop watching Norwegian TV hoping for it to magically appear.

Did you hear about Solo's stunt during the Lillehammar Olympics? I've not been able to confirm this (with images) but they say that Coke bought all ad space within the Olympic area, so that no other soft drink could compete. When the Olympics closed however, with that big show everyone on the planet is watching the camera panned around the scenery and outside the Olympic area on a snowcovered hill was a giant Solo Logo painted in the snow which the camera stopped at long enough to really tick Coke off.

Well, consider it confirmed, because I was there working for Coca-Cola! I'll see if I can dig up an image for you.


Reminds me of... was it the Los Angeles Olympics? Kodak was the official film and camera sponsor for the various trial stages of something (track and field?), and Fujfilmi had the sponsorship for the finals. The trials were going on, and the Fuji blimp sailed over the stadium. An announcement was made over the PA system: "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PLEASE DO NOT LOOK AT THE BLIMP." Guess what happened next?