Sony Bravia Asia Pacific - Threads (2007) 0:60 (Singapore)

Cairo's pyramids.

Agency: Y&R Asia, Singapore ECD: Rowan Chanen Copywriter: Edward Ong Art Director: Scott McClelland / Kirsten Ackland Agency Producer: Kim Lim Production Company: Velocity Films Director: Keith Rose Producer: Karen Kloppers Director of Photography: Keith Rose Editing company: Deliverance Post Production Editor: Ricky Boyd Post Production: Waterfront Post IQ Artist: Heino Henning 3D: Condor Post Music composition: Robert Schroder / Lorraine Shannon (Members of SAMRO)
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Do not like. What's with the fugly 'beauty-shot' where some person is in a window with the pyramid on their head? Concentrate man, that's not a good beauty-shot! Also, would have scored much better with some middle-shots of the strings rolling down, all we have is closup+far-away shot which positively screams "it is all done in post". The other Bravia ads did their things for real, and that was a huge part of the magic. Also, wow, the music is so not doing it for me. Its not bad but it isn't great either.

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Feels like it tries a bit too hard. Granted the others do too, but at least they have minimal post work, unlike this.

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Good effort, I like the song.