I have a confession to make. I used to be a Sony addict. For portable music, you see. I grew up wearing a walkman constantly. I'd save my heard-earned chore-money until I could invest in the slimmest, coolest, latest, whateverest Sony Walkman, and soundtrack my life.
Then mp3's happened. My meticulous tape-collection gathered dust. I had a few Sony Ericsson phones but smartphones kicked them to the curb and I didn't give Sony much thought until... See that? Se the swimmer putting on light-weight white headphones before diving into the water? That's an mp3 player! I have that thing, and it's epic! With this Sony wants to remind you that they boombast that portable soundtrack to your life. It's all a bit lifestyle for my taste, but I'm sure follow-up ads showing more about the new generation of products are coming.

Agency: iris worldwide Director : Alex Rodrigues and Mariana Quintana Creative Director : Marcos Lawson Art Director : Luis Sanchez Account Director : Daniela Lewis Editor : Matias Irbarne Account manager : Paola Cedeno

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