The thing about becoming a parent is that for nine months, you have all sorts of ideas about what is growing in that belly. A boy? A girl? Green eyes? Looks like you? Looks like their grandfather? Abstract minded? Creative? Sporty? Outgoing? Introvert? A writer? A singer? A football player?

All the things you look forward to teaching that child become so important, you want to share all your favourite things. In this ad future dad buys little football shoes before the bump is even visible. "I will teach him to play" future dad thinks. He brags to his friends while showing a 16 week ultrasound* about how his son, his boy, will be the biggest football legend ever. And then the moment happens, when everything you ever wanted is born and she is everything you didn't expect, and perfect just like that. There's the twist. Football fan dad has a daughter who loves gymnastics.

"I wanted so much to teach you about this game," the dad VO says, "But in the end, it was you who ended up teaching me about life. I am your biggest fan." A very sweet ad for the special olympics Sorpresa. The gymnast talent is Maria Barbara Wetzel - a.k.a Bibi - who won the world championship in 2015 for Mexico.

* yes, if you're familiar with this ultrasound you'll realize the disconnect in this ad. Sometimes it's best not to overthink advertising. It tells stories in the simplest terms.

Client: Special Olympics Agency: Young & Rubicam Mexico Global Executive Creative Director: Tony Granger Chief Executive Officer: Hector Fernandez Chief Creative Officer: Saul Escobar Creative Director/Copywriter: Manuel Guillen Creative Director/Copywriter: Mario Vivanco Regional Creative Director: Martin Goldberg VP Account Director: Britta Dahl Agency Producer: Bernardo Salum Production Company: Central Films North Director: Rodrigo Garcia Saiz Executive Producer: Mauricio Francini DP: Mateo Londono Art Director: Oscar Carnicero Post Production: Cluster Studio Audio Producer: Benedicte Leclere

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