SWA via GSD&M Idea City is rolling out an extension of the Bags Fly Free campaign this week and just in time for NFL season.

With Good Cop, Bag Cop, we are ramping up the Southwest Airlines' Spirit and showing how much dedication we have to our Customers. As you will see, SWA Employees go as far as pulling planes over and saving baggage from the dreaded fate of the $120 fee. In a world where the tyranny of travel has crushed the can-do spirit of the American traveler, the SWA Employee stands out as a defenders of justice - always doing the right thing by the Customer whether it's bags flying free or not charging change fees.

See also: Roadblock, Stakeout and the friendly bag cop in Ride along.

Client: Southwest Airlines Agency: GSD&M Idea City Production Company: Harvest Director : Matt Hoffmann Mike Wilson Chief Creative Officer David Crawford Group Creative Director Clay Hudson CD/Copywriter Bryan Pudder Creative Director/ art director Monique Veillette Executive Producer Maria Ivicic Producer Editors: Jay Nelson, Dan Swietlik / Cut + Run Account Service: Jonathan Silverstein, Marianne Malina, Amy Lyon, Amy Rodgers, Jodi Bucciarelli Marketplace Planning: Rene Huey-Lipton Business Manager: Danielle Ivicic

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Hahaha, the driver gets to play cop and scream "WEEE OOOH WEE OOOH" at the top of his lungs. Fun day on the job.

    Sep 15, 2010

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