Southwest - Boston (2004) 0:30 (USA)


Southwest - Boston (2004) 0:30 (USA)


I'm from Boston and, dear God, do we really talk this way? Guess we do. (We DON'T have the Kennedy Family accent though, which is separate and consists or, er, uh, saying, uh, uh, every few, uh, words.) Doesn't everyone in the US call a soda a tonic like we do? Pahk the cah in Hahvid
Yahd. Drive to Wisstah, Glosstah, Stone-um, and Bawstin.

A similar ad to one in the New England area for Dunkin Donuts that has new Red Sox ace Curt Schilling trying to speak Boston-ese. He too, must learn how to say pahk the cah. Well, folks, get used to Boston and the '04 Dem. convention. You'll love meeting our mayor, "Mumbles"
Menino, who deserves an ad of his own. ("That really,
you know, fries my nose...People shouldn't conjugate on
Boston Common...")

As a Bostonian, let me say, this ad is wicked pissa. :)

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