Soy Vay "A pollo 13." (2013) 1:15 (USA)

Oh the punnage. Soy Vay (Pun #1) presents A Pollo 13 (Pun #2) in which they build a slow cooker/space capsule and fileld it with marinade and chicken and then launched it into space, to cook the chicken. In space. Like some celestial bain-marie.

And then they brought the chicken they cooked in space back to eat it on earth.

From the press release:

“The sweet and savory flavors in Soy Vay marinades make it easy for cooks of any level of experience to deliver awesome, out-of-this-world dishes, here on Earth,” said Soy Vay marketing manager Tad Kittredge. “We realized that the only reasonable way to take teriyaki to the next level would be to cook it outside the kitchen, far beyond the grill, and among the stars – so we found a way to do it!”

Um, okay. Sounds more like a cheap stunt to me, but hey.

Client: Soy Vay
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