Here's a station ID for Japanese music channel Space Shower TV, featuring some rock and roll and panties.
Apparently they were inspired by a this quote from Stevie Ray Vaughan: “The sound pressure coming from the amplifier causes the hem of the pants to flutter.”

They set out to prove it using wind generated by RAWK. Seriously. Go to to see more.

Far from just being your regular station ID, this also incorporates a game which can be played on a smart phone. When you tap in time to the rhythm on the screen a panty shot will appear. If you don’t tap in rhythm then a shot of a macho man appears. The users rhythms determine the outcome.

Project planning and production was done by dot by dot inc., the gigantic speaker was built by Invisible Design Lab, Taguchi Craft Ltd. and the music is performed by the 3 piece rock band, KING BROTHERS. The panty presentations on top of the speaker are by the popular fashion model and musician, Hikari Shiina.

Client: Space Shower TV Production: dot by dot, Taguchi Craft Ltd Music: King Brothers Model: Hikari Shiina.

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    So basically, if I got good rythm I get to see panty-shots?

    Aug 16, 2015
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    Is this why drummers are so happy?

    Aug 17, 2015

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